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learning how to learn

Eureka Worlda world of creation and shared learning in three-dimensional multi-user worlds combined with physical interfaces (3D printers, robotics controllers, VR headsets and more) that allows quality integration of learning patterns for students in the 21st century and has been implemented to exciting success for the third consecutive year in the education system!

The Advantages of Creating and Learning in Eureka World

High level of tangibility during the learning experience, and a wide array of learning methodologies including gamification, project-based and problem-solving learning (PBL), shared learning, peer evaluation and methodologies for alternative evaluations, teamwork, developing groundbreaking technological orientation in the classroom and at school, examining Geo-local characteristics and using informal tools in education, and more. The wide array of skills presented within allows personal customization to an individual student’s needs, and provides different students with opportunities to express different skill sets – three-dimensional design, programming, project research and management.

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