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History Lessons combined with Virtual Worlds – Sixth Grade

The program has begun its third year in a Ramat Gan high school.

The platform serves as a product that accompanies history teachers (sixth grade) throughout the year. The virtual world simulates life in ancient Greece, Rome and Judea, into which the students enter with avatars they can design as they see fit.

During the year students receive assignments directly drawn from the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education for sixth-grade history.

What does the school get?

  • Instruction and guidance from a pedagogical instructor

  • A virtual island for the school where the students learn

  • A booklet for the teacher which explains the tasks, options to expand the tasks, a link to the drive which contains the tasks, videos and other training material.

  • Home installation explanations – the students can install the virtual world in their own homes and work from there as well.

The virtual island contains a model of the city of Athens, with activities to cover half the school year. During the year the students experiment with building different models drawn from the educational material on Rome and Judea.

The Objective of the Program:

  • To teach history through active experiences, meaningful learning and shared learning.

  • Introducing the students to high-order thinking, solving long-term tasks which require comprehension, internalization and commitment of the study material.

  • Generating motivation and interest in learning among the students.

  • Exposing the students to an innovative, high-quality communicative environment.

  • Establishing joint operations between students from different schools who share the educational island.

  • Allowing easy sharing of study materials between students.

כל הזכויות שמורות ליוריקה וורלד 2019

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