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The project will allow us to train participating students in developing three-dimensional multi-user platforms, which allow the students to learn programming, three-dimensional design, research and project management in the virtual environment.

During the school year the group will create content in the school’s virtual campus. The content will serve the students throughout the school year, and will constitute an important component of enriching the campus for years to come.


Acquired educational values:

  • True teamwork: combining skills pertaining to design, programming, scriptwriting and production

  • Learning by Doing: the student’s sense that they are in an environment in which the events occur, and that they are taking part in the learning process.

  • Combining multiple disciplines to improve their digital literacy.

  • Gamification – a combination of different gamified perceptions in the projects constructed within the world.

  • Three-dimensional thinking – using three-dimensional tools focuses and improves the brain’s thinking capacity and the ability to plan and engineer.

  • An environment that “speaks” the language of teenagers – multi-user three-dimensional environments are game environments students spend much of their time in. By linking skills learned during play to skills learned during work within virtual worlds, a high-quality and consistent learning curve is created.

כל הזכויות שמורות ליוריקה וורלד 2019

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